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  1. The Perfect Drink For Every Occasion - Literary Monday

    If you are always looking for the perfect drink for any occasion, then this little book is the one for you.  In The Perfect Drink For Every Occasion, the author will help you find drinks to help with the problems in your life, drinks that will impress a myriad of people and drinks for major ...Read More

  2. How to measure in 'parts'

    Normal people measure things in ounces, cups, tablespoons and other recognizable increments. Cocktail people often use "parts" instead, which puts the recipe in the form of a ratio. A part can be any type of measurement. All you have to do is assign a measurement increment to be a part—for example, one part equals one ounce—then ...Read More

  3. Cordial - Cocktail Words

    The word cordial comes from the Latin word for "Heart" and was used to describe it. It also came to mean a strong medicine or drink. These days it also refers to liqueurs and, in many places, cordial is synonymous with liqueur. In other areas, fruit-flavored liqueurs are referred to as cordials, while those flavored ...Read More

  4. Wild Turkey 101 Proof Bourbon Review

    It's the granddaddy of the Wild Turkeys, the Wild Turkey 101! Its big, bold and badass. When fern bars reigned supreme during the 1970s and 1980s, Wild Turkey was one of the few distilleries to continue bottling at 101 Proof. It refused to compromise and continued its proud tradition of making Bourbon for Bourbon aficionados. ...Read More

  5. Hudson New York Corn Whiskey Review

    Hudson New York Corn Whiskey was one of the first whiskeys made in New York State following prohibition. From the distiller, "We double distill the corn mash pure and simple. No other flavors or sugar added. It’s then bottled at 46% without charcoal or chill filtering, giving the crystal clear whiskey a silky smooth, creamy and ...Read More