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  1. Happy National Rum Day

    Today, August 16th, we celebrate rum, the wonderful spirit that is the base of many classic cocktails including the Daiquiri, Mai Tai and Piña Colada. Rum was instrumental in the growth of the American colonies, Australia and was a staple for British sailors until 1970. So What is Rum? It is a spirit distilled from molasses, which ...Read More

  2. 360 Vodka Review

    We just got our hands on the first Green Vodka, 360 Vodka. Made by McCormick's Distilling in Missouri, 360 is very eco-friendly and very good. 360 Vodka is made from grains grown nearby in Kansas and Missouri, thus reducing emissions. It is also column-distilled, which consumes 200% less energy than the traditional pot still method. All ...Read More

  3. Essential Glassware – Cordial Glass

    Nothing screams elegance like the cordial glass. If it isn’t already an essential part of your barware collection, it will soon be. I love dessert. The only thing that I may like as much as dessert is after-dinner drinks. Not only are they delicious, they look totally cool in the cordial glass that they are ...Read More

  4. The Innate Coolness of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

    This week is Fleet Week in San Francisco. For those of you unfamiliar with Fleet Week, basically San Francisco is invaded by a part of the US Navy and Marines. There are sailors everywhere. The Blue Angels fly around town. The bay is stocked with submarines and other aquatic vessels. And it's pretty cool! Fleet Week ...Read More

  5. Kirkland Premium Small Batch Bourbon, Aged 7 Years Review

    On a recent outing to Costco, we ran across a new item, the Kirkland Premium Small Batch Bourbon. You might be thinking, really, Costco is making bourbon now? Well, Costco isn't really making bourbon; they sourced it from one of the distilleries and private labelled it. Given the price at $19.99, I was game to ...Read More