Cookout USA – Book Review

by Rachel Halpren
We thought that Cookout USA would be the perfect cookbook for Memorial Day. While not technically the start of summer, for many, Memorial Day signifies the start of summer and grilling season. I love everything about grilling season. The smell of the charcoal and grilling meats, the steamy weather and cold, refreshing drinks. Plus, there are fresh tomatoes, corn and watermelon to name a few of my food favorites! To me, summer, grilling and barbeques are intertwined and represent my favorite time of year. Although, grilling isn't just reserved for summer - my dad fires up in the grill in January and wears full hunting regalia to tend to his wares (my dad lives in Wisconsin and hunting clothes are made warm - if you are football fan, many of the Green Bay Packer fans sport this same regalia at games in the winter).

Creating Interactions: An Interview with Bar Rescue’s John Taffer

by Jonas Halpren
John Taffer is the President of Bar & Nightclub Media and the Host of Spike TVs Bar Rescue (new episodes start October 6th!). I sat down (ok, had a call) with Mr. Taffer recently to discuss the new season of Bar Rescue and his years in the bar business. John has been creating and running bars for over 35 years. To say the least, he's seen it all.

Fall Drinks

by Jonas Halpren

Football Drinks & Cocktails

by Jonas Halpren
College, NFL it is Fall and that means I don't leave the house in Saturdays and rarely on a Sunday. What to do while watching 12 hours of straight football? Cocktails!
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In the Spotlight

  • Summer Cocktails

    thumbnail image

    It’s Hot!

    So cool off with a cool cocktail. Summer is the perfect time for cocktails. Actually we say that about every season. But summer is special. Brake out the tropicals, the coolers, the frappes and chill out.

    Tom Collins
    Tropical Itch
    Hot Nantucket Night
    Summer Chiller
    Read more
  • Father’s Day Drinks

    thumbnail image

    Just like dear old Dad, some things never go out of style. We are talking about cocktails, of course.

    Check out our collection of classic cocktails perfect for sharing with another classic, your Dad.

    Manhattan Cocktail
    Dad’s Dry Daiquiri
    Tom Collins
    Dad’s Spice
    Fog Cutter Cocktail
    Bourbon Daddy
    Ginger Man
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  • Holiday Punches

    thumbnail image

    The holiday season is one for gathering. Punches are a quick, easy way to let your guests serve themselves.

    Holiday Punches

    Cranberry Christmas Punch
    Christmas Punch
    Egg Nog
    Emeril’s Red Rooster HolidayPunch
    English Christmas Punch

    Golden Rum Punch
    Hot Buttered Rum
    Kentucky Mulled Cider
    Maker’s Mark Egg Nogg
    Mistletoe … Read more

  • Halloween Drinks

    thumbnail image

    Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. How can anyone who has been a kid disagree?

    Trick or Treating dressed as your favorite monster or superhero on Halloween Eve is anticipated by children every October.

    Halloween is also a perfect holiday for adults, we like to dress up too! Halloween … Read more

  • How To Pour A Perfect Guinness

    thumbnail image

    First, you have to use the traditional tulip shaped British pint glass (about 20 oz). Hold the glass at a 45 degree angle to the tap and fill until the glass is about 2/3 full.

    Next, let the Guinness settle for at least 3 minutes. Don’t forget about it though; … Read more