Vessel 75

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Molecular mixology recipes are often just a new interpretation of a classic cocktail.This recipe for a Vessel 75 is a play on an old fashioned cocktail, using a maple syrup foam instead of a sugar cube or simple syrup. Since this recipe uses common ingredients and tools, it’s a great one to try at home for those curious about molecular mixology.

The maple syrup foam is light and thin, adding a subtle flavor and texture to the cocktail without overpowering it. It is definitely a stiff drink and not a dessert.

We used Peychaud’s bitters and Bulleit Bourbon, which has a nice honey flavor and high rye content.

Vessel 75

3 oz bourbon
3 healthy dashes bitters

Stir in mixing glass, strain into an old fashioned glass, top with the maple syrup foam and garnish with orange zest

Maple Syrup Foam

4 egg whites
6 oz water
4 oz maple syrup
2 oz lemon juice

Place all into a cream whipper/dispenser, charge and refrigerate (If you don’t have a cream whipper/dispenser, you can use a mixer or whip by hand. Be sure not to whip too much or the foam will be too thick.)

There is a great video demonstration of how to make this drink by its creator Jamie Boudreau.

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Photo by Joy Lanzendorfer.

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