Celebrities Favorite Cocktails

red_bull_vodka.jpgThe folks at Instyle Magazine recently put together this fun collection of cocktails our favorite celebrities love. They run the table from ultra fancy gourmet cocktails to simple I can get it anywhere drinks. Feel free to help us add to this list if you know a celebrity and their favorite libation.

Who – Jessica Biel
Cocktail – Angry Dragon
Where – The Grand, New York City

Who – Madonna
Cocktail – Pomegranate Martini
Where – Prime Grill, Los Angeles

Who – Rebecca Romijn
Cocktail – Red Pearl
Where – Red Pearl Kitchen, Hollywood

Who – Gisele Bundchen
Cocktail – Peach Passion
Where – Set, Miami

Who – Teri Hatcher
Cocktail – Demeter
Where – D’Or at Amalia, New York City

Who – Kiefer Sutherland
Cocktail – Jade Mistress
Where – Red Pearl Kitchen, Hollywood

Who – George Clooney
Cocktail – Raspberry Cheesecake
Where – Cherry, Las Vegas

Who – Vince Vaughn
Cocktail – Red Bull and Vodka
Where – Reserve, Chicago

Who – Charlize Theron
Cocktail – Pomegranate Blossom
Where – Social Hollywood, Los Angeles

Who – Laura Prepon
Cocktail – Hurricane
Where – Two Urban Licks, Atlanta

Who – Eva Mendes
Cocktail – Pink Elephant
Where – Pink Elephant, New York City

Who – Kate Hudson
Cocktail – Passionate Saketini
Where – Doku 15, Toronto

Get the recipes at Instyle
Celebs’ Favorite Cocktails – In Style

Photo: Red Bull and Vodka, Reserve, Chicago
Devon Jarvis; Steve Granitz/WireImage

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