Get Your Mardi Gras Started Right!

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If you’re religious, then Mardi Gras is simply a celebratory time before fasting for Lent but for many others, Mardi Gras is their chance to really go wild! The festive holiday is celebrated in countries all over the world from Brazil to Belgium to Italy and, of course, right here in the United States. To aid you in all the Fat Tuesday fun you’ll be getting into, we’ve included some of our favorite cocktails perfect for a crazy night out on the town…or on the couch!

King Cake Martini — this yummy vodka cocktail was sent to us straight from the French Quarter. 
Creole Mama —  wine and bourbon make this cocktail rich but the grenadine gives it a sweet twist!
Cajun Martini — get ready for a spicy treat with a jalapeño pepper surprise.
New Orleans Buck —  a simple gin cocktail with a name fit for a celebration.
Voodoo Daiquiri —  choose between Everclear or vodka for a drink that’s sure to put you under its spell.
Creole Julep — if you like mint juleps, then you’ll really love this rum-based version of the original.
Pink Orleanade — vodka and lemonade make this drink strong but sweet.



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