Literary Monday – Seasonal Cocktail Companion

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Whether you have mastered the DIY cocktail and are looking for your next challenge or need a unique, homemade gift for that hard-to-buy-for person, this book will keep you busy and entertained for months! The Seasonal Cocktail Companion by Seattle bartender and self-described “cocktail nerd” Maggie Savarino is aptly-described as “Arts and Crafts…with booze!”

This is not just another cocktail book. You probably already have half a dozen of those sitting on your shelf. This book is about taking your cocktail ingredients to the next level with seasonal infusions, mixers, and homemade garnishes. There is something for every season. In fall, learn to make things like Apple Brandy Liqueur or Ginger Beer with a sprinkle of Ginger Sugar. In winter, try an Akvavit (sweet or savory) or experiment with making different flavors of Cello (citrus vodka).  Welcome spring with some Rhubarb Bitters or a spicy Red Pepper Tincture. Celebrate summer with a White Sangria or try adding your own Falernum to your favorite tropical drinks. Want more? How about making your own sugar cubes for your Old Fashioned or real maraschino cherries without all the scary chemicals?  

Savarino writes with a lively sense of humor that will have you laughing out loud. I read the book from cover to cover. It’s as much fun to read as the recipes and projects are to follow. Amongst the recipes and descriptions are many amusing quips and stories. Along the line you will learn what a Hobbit would drink and why bartenders hate making Lemon Drops. You also read about some intriguing places to visit next time you are in Seattle, like Savarino’s favorite hole-in-the-wall bar where the bartender matches your cocktail to your mood.

Whether you are a serious cocktail nerd or are just looking for the next cool thing, The Seasonal Cocktail Companion is definitely worth reading.

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