Hiram Walker “Original Cinn” Cinnamon Schnapps – Review

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Unlike last year, this year’s winter is fairly mild.  But, burr… it’s still cold out there in certain parts of the United States.  The Hiram Walker “Original Cinn” Cinnamon Schnapps will help keep you warm this winter.  With its clean cinnamon taste and 90 proof alcohol, this schnapps is destined to keep you warm all day and night!

The Hiram Walker Cinnamon Schnapps lacks the syrupy, artificial tastes that you may associate with schnapps.  Hiram Walker uses natural ingredients, which lends to a different feel and taste to the schnapps.  It’s a bridge between the typical American schnapps and European schnapps, which couldn’t be more different.  So, take a chance and give this bad boy a chance this winter.  Spice up your coffee, hot chocolate or apple cider to keep you warm or mix it with vodka in a cinnamon martini to get that warm glow in your belly started.

 The Hiram Walker “Original Cinn” Cinnamon Schnapps’s tasting note:

Appearance:  Clear, medium minus amber to copper color with golden hues and viscous legs.

Aroma:  Clean, medium minus, youthful aromas of cinnamon, orange peel and vanilla with cinnamon very dominant.

Palate:  Medium sweet, medium body, youthful of cinnamon, orange peel and vanilla with cinnamon very dominant.  Long, hot finish.

Rating:  Good liqueur.  Cinnamon is the main actor with limited contributions from the orange peel and vanilla.  Well integrated body with a kick from the 90 proof liqueur on the back palate.

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