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Deviled Eggs

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As we ease into the Holidays, I though it would make sense to share some classic Hors d’Oeuvres for all those parties. The first and one of my favorites of all time – The Deviled Egg.

Why are they Deviled? These treats date back to Roman time – WOW, but the term “deviled” dates back to the 19th century when most spicy dished were refered to as “deviled”, The eggs, it seems, get their name … Read more

Skeleton Hand Wine Glass

The perfect vessel for more than just blood, I mean wine. These ghoulish helping hands holds your Halloween potion perfectly. These glasses are wonderfully detailed and even come in their own coffin.

Get out your old potion pot and book of spells, and mix up a batch of Witches’ Brew, a mix of Champagne, Vodka, OJ, Sherbet. Adding a few cubes of dry ice will give it that ever so creepy fog effect. Served in … Read more

Celebrity Drinking Games

What could be more fun?

    Star Jones drinking game from
    Tara Reid drinking game from Liquid Generation
    Da Vinci Code drinking game from iVillage
    Futurerama drinking game from College Humor
    Simpsons drinking game from Real Beer
    The OC drinking game from the OC Files
    Top Gun drinking game from Barney’s Blog
    The David Caruso drinking game from LAist
    Movie drinking games from Cracked Magazine

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How Much Is Enough?

This is a question I get asked quite a bit. What and how much do you buy when planning a cocktail party?

You don’t want to run out of anything, but you don’t want to be stuck with 6 bottles of cinnamon schnapps either. Hopefully our little guide will help you out when planning your next party. Plan for each guest to have 4 drinks over the course of an evening. The four drinks might … Read more

Cocktail Questions – 1950s Cocktails

Q: I am throwing a 1950s themed party and would like to serve popular drinks from that era!

A: The 1950s are considered by many to be the Golden Age of the Cocktail. The martini was most popular. A favorite of Dean Martin and the rest of the Rat Pack, it became everyone’s favorite. My grandmother, who was never much of a drinker, still fondly remembers the 50s and those wonderful martinis.

Our 5 of … Read more

10 Steps to Making Great Cocktails at Home

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This is an essential list to follow if you want to make tasty cocktails. These may seem like nobrainers, but lots of us cut corners. Don’t! Unless you want your guests or even your SO to think you can’t make a tasty cocktail. In this game, never skimp on quality and freshness.

When making drinks at home, remember the special ones and try to duplicate them. The photo on the left is one of my … Read more

Cooking with Liquor – Pecan Pie

Q: Can I use Chivas Regal Scotch (15 yrs. old) in a pecan pie recipe? That is the only whiskey I have on hand and it’s never been opened. The recipe calls for bourbon.

A: While scotch and bourbon are both whiskeys, they have very different tastes. Bourbon is slightly sweet, which gives a wonderful taste to peacan pie. Scotch doesn’t have the sweetness and many have a peaty flavor.

Although I haven’t tried it, … Read more

Irish Stout Cake with Whiskey-Sour Icing

It really is a meal.

Food Porn: Irish Stout Cake with Whiskey-Sour Icing – Slashfood… Read more

Green with Envy

What, no corned beef? Lobster Gram has found GREEN lobster from Australia. I can’t vouch for the taste, but it I am sure it beats cabbage.

Green with Envy Dinner for Two… Read more

St. Patrick’s Day Potpourri

It’s that time again when we celebrate the patron saint of Ireland by drinking green beer, wearing green and joining in endless sing alongs at Irish Pubs around the world.

Did you know that St. Patrick was British? Read about his life.

If you happen to be in Dublin this week, we recommend you drop by the Official St. Patrick’s Festival 2006 – Dublin, Ireland.

Test your Irishness with this All Irish Quiz and get … Read more

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