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X-Rated Summer Brunch Cocktails

Brunch is a time-honored tradition and a must for summer weekends. Who are we to thank this laid-back bonus meal that defies the rules established by the traditional three-times-daily meal plan?

Some claim brunch emerged as a leisurely privilege for wealthy Brits during the turn of the 19th/20th century and point to Guy Beringer’s 1895 essay “Brunch: A Plea,” in which he argued, “By eliminating the need to get up early on Sunday, brunch would … Read more


Who doesn’t like Tequila? From Rock n’ Roll legend Sammy Hagar and his Cabo Wabo Tequila comes this cocktail with attitude.


    1 oz Cabo Wabo reposado tequila
    1 oz triple sec
    1 oz cointreau
    1 oz Southern Comfort
    1 oz pineapple juice


Combine all in a shaker half-filled with ice. Shake well and strain into a tall glass nearly filled with ice.

As a bonus this week, a Cooking with Booze special from … Read more

Independence Day Omakase

Happy 4th. We’ve gathered a few fun links for your enjoyment!

10 Other Things That Happened on July 4th [Mental Floss]
Extreme Grilling []
Regional Recipes and Cocktails [Food Network]
Red, White & Booze
More 4th of July Cocktails [The Hostess Blog]

Fun debate on Asylum:

    America rejoins the British Empire
    Britain become the 51st State

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Patriot Tea

Happy Independence Day! To celebrate, we have an All American Bourbon cocktail that is perfect for your July 4th Barbecue. Patriot tea starts with a fresh brewed pitcher of iced tea, lemon and mint. American Honey, a 71-proof bourbon & honey-based liquor from Wild Turkey is then added to the tea giving it the sweetness of honey and, of course, Kentucky Bourbon.

Grab a tall glass, hit the lawn chair and get ready for some … Read more

July 4th Cocktails from SKYY & Campari

Our friends at Campari, the makers of SKYY, Campari, and Cabo Wabo, created a collection of refreshing new cocktails for Independence Day.

    All American Blue: Vodka, blue curaçao and white grape juice. Refreshing!
    Americano: This cocktail put Campari on the map when hardly an American had ever heard of Campari.
    Cherry Patriot: Cherry-infused vodka, whiskey, cointreau, sweet vermouth and a touch of lemon juice.
    Firecracker AKA Pomegranate Margarita: Tequila and some other stuff. Need we

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101 Sangrias and Pitcher Drinks

Sangrias, margaritas, and any other drinks you can make in large pitcher are a wonderful addition to a summer cocktail party or just a lazy summer afternoon.

101 Sangrias gives you new concoctions to try for many summers to come. We say get started now!

101 Sangrias and Pitcher DrinksRead more

Rioja Red Sangria

Sangria says summer. An easy, tasty treat for perfect for summertime BBQs and parties. The folks at Campo Viejo share one of their signature recipes.

Sangria officially came to the US for the first time at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York. The Spanish world area served this fruity wine punch to its visitors, and history was made!

Recipes typically mix wine, brandy, lemon or orange soda and fresh fruits, served over ice. It’s … Read more

Sex and the City Cocktails

Sex and the City: The Movie hits the theaters today, so what would be more appropriate than a whole bunch of fun cocktails to go along with the premier?

The Classics


The Girls

SKYY Vodka created this quartet of cocktails, each named for one of the fab four.


The Cosmos

Ocean Spray gets into the cocktail game with four unique cocktails. Each evokes a bit our heroines.

    Cranberry Blueberry

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Campari Citrus Infusion

Memorial Day weekend is upon us, thus kicking off the Summer Season. Even if Summer doesn’t “officially” begin for another month, it’s time to break out the grill, coolers and other gear for outdoor entertaining. Campari, the shockingly red Italian aperitif, had some of the world’s best mixologist create a series refreshing Summer cocktails. This week I chose a recipe that is perfect for that Summer BBQ Party.


    1 liter (~4 cups) Campari

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Video: How to Make a Perfect Caipirinha

The Caipirinha, Brazil’s National Drink, is taking the States by storm.

So how do make it?

Join Victoria from Leblon Cachaca, as she shows us how to make the perfect Caipirinha. So watch close and mix up a mess of Caipirinha’s to beat the summer heat. Yes, it’s almost here!


Caipirinha recipe
Leblon Cachaca… Read more

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