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The Ice Jacket

A while back we wrote about the Ice Jacket, an ice mold for 750ml bottles of vodka, rum, gin, tequila or whatever.

We finally got to sample the Ice Jacket in the field. Our first few runs didn’t pan out well as the top seal of the unit came loose. We told Davis and his team of our troubles and they went to create a fix.

After a few weeks we received a replacement seal … Read more

How to Make Simple Syrup

This is an often asked question with a simple answer.

Here’s what to do


1 Cup Sugar
1 ½ Cups Water

In a heavy pan on low heat, stir to with wooden spoon until all the sugar is dissolved. Run the spoon around the edge of the pan to keep the sugar from crystallizing. Next, bring the mixture to a boil for 3–5 minutes, scoop of any accumulated scum and remove from the heat. … Read more

Organic Cocktail Square Off

Here’s a fun contest from and Square One Vodka comes a great opportunity to bring out the inner cocktailian in all of us, the Organic Cocktail Square Off. There are two categories, professional and amateur, so if you are home bartender like me, you’ll be among company.

Contestants are to make a pitcher cocktail made with Square One Organic Vodka and 75% organic ingredients. From there the sky’s the limit, so hot up the … Read more

How to Make Skittles Vodka – Video

From Digg comes this great cocktail hack using a bottle of vodka and large bag of Skittles. Yes, the Skittles we all know and love. Yum. wWat a great way to dress up a bottle of vodka for party or just making some tasty after work cocktails.

“This is one of the greatest kept secrets: This is a step by step instructable on how to make skittle vodka. The effects are DELICIOUS. Its a summertime Read more

10 Chick Flicks and Their Matching Cocktails

From the Thinking Mom comes this enormously creative and fun list that can keep you in videos and cocktails for some time to come. Enjoy classics like Steel Magnolias with “The Magnolia” or Flashdance with “The Dreamcatcher” and, my favorite (from YumSugar), The Devil Wears Prada with the “Devil Pears Prada.” What a great excuse to grab some girlfriends and have a party?

Read more.… Read more

Spicy Olives

This appetizer is a quick, easy and tasty way to spice up your cocktail party. These olives make a nice nibbler and a wonderful accompaniment to a vodka or gin martini. Instead of adding olives to the drink, serve these alongside.


2 cups green or black pitted olives (not canned ones, get the fancy imported olives. We like Kalamatas.)
Chili powder to taste (1 – 3 tsp. depending on desired heat)


Drain olives … Read more

More Summer Cocktails

As we slide into the heat of August (actually it is cold a foggy here in ess-eff) we found this great collection over on at They have 3 years worth of cool cocktails to go through, we love the Long Island Green Tea (pictured: photo


Summer Cocktails 2007 – Food Network… Read more

Red, White and Booze

More Independence Day drinks from the DIY Maven. These five drinks capture the day with Patriotic name (Yankee Doodle, Stars & Stripes Forever) and most are made with UV’s blue raspberry or cherry vodkas. The bright red and blue colors of these vodkas are perfect for your Fourth of July party.

Here’s a taste:

Patriotic Punch

1 part UV Red cherry-flavored vodka
3 parts lemonade


Combine and serve in a rocks glass over … Read more

All-American Cocktails

Time to take a midsummer pause to celebrate Independence Day. It may mark our struggle against tyranny and taxes, but for the majority of us it means fireworks, parades and food! This means drinks for all that celebrating and washing down those eats. We’ve assembled a fun collection of cocktails with an American theme.

Here’s a few to get you started:

    All American
    American Sweetheart
    Red White & Blue

Read more

World’s Fastest Margarita Maker

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Seen at a recent family wedding. Whereabouts unknown. Uncle Don (not sure who’s side of the family) whipped this together to keep the crowd well quenched. That’s my kind of wedding!

Richard writes, “When you’ve got a small-block 400, a trailer, assorted parts and the ability to custom fabricate a 6-inch tall replica of a blender blade out of stainless steel, what do you do with your spare time? Make the world’s fastest margarita machine.”… Read more

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