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Mixing New Orleans Cocktails & Legends – Literary Monday

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There is probably no American city more affiliated with drinking than New Orleans.  A few come close but I don’t know if anyone can beat it.  Just because you don’t live in New Orleans doesn’t mean that you can’t have a Mardi Gras bash.  That is why we are highlighting Mixing New Orleans as this week’s Literary Monday pick.

Mixing New Orleans examines New Orlean’s cocktail culture through its favorite watering holes, drinking establishments (many, … Read more

Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey Review

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In the town of Kilbeggan, Ireland sits one of the World’s oldest distillery. It dates back to 1757. After siting idle for over 50 years, Cooley Distillery (now Beam owned), began making whiskey in Kilbeggan once again. One of the 2 copper pot still used to make Kilbeggan is a 180 year old beauty from the Tullamore Dew Distillery.

They started distilling in Kilbeggan in 2010, so the whiskey we are drinking was made at … Read more

It’s National Absinthe Day!

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Absinthe is the high proof, anise-flavored spirit with quite a kick. Although Absinthe originated in Switzerland, it gained great popularity in France and became commonly referred to as la fée verte or the green fairy in art and literature. The spirit was created by mixing botanicals like flowers and leaves with anise, fennel and other herbs. 

To get you into the spirit, we’ve included a few of our tastiest Absinthe cocktails to aid … Read more

In Search of Bacchus – Literary Monday

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In the past, I have featured a number of selections by George Tabor, the author of Judgment of Paris.  This week’s Literary Monday is another offering from George Tabor and this time Mr. Tabor explores the wild world of wine tourism in In Search of Bacchus.  I have to admit that I am always a teensy bit jealous of Mr. Tabor.  First, he was the lone representative of the press to see the ascension of … Read more

Metate Margarita

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In honor of National Margarita Day, test your skills by mixing up a Metate Margarita, created by molecular mixologist Don Lee.   Made with metate-infused Tequila Don Julio Blanco, fresh lime juice and agave syrup, this isn’t the simplest

Lee explains the background of his creation, “The recipe is inspired by the metate, which is a stone used to grind grains and spices in Mexico. It is used to make everything from tortillas to mole. The … Read more

It’s National Margarita Day!

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Margaritas are the cocktails known for their sweet taste, salted rim and party-starting capabilities. This classic, tequila-based drink is one of the most popular cocktails in the United States and though it’s typically made with the same three ingredients (tequila, Cointreau/triple sec and lemon/lime juice), throughout the years many new flavors have been added to the original recipe. The types of margaritas you can have are nearly endless with different flavors of liqueurs and fruit … Read more

Gumbo Tales – Literary Monday

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A number of years ago, we ventured down to New Orleans for the early parts of Mardi Gras and a tour of New Orleans drinking spots.  We loved the dog parade but didn’t really love New Orleans.  It wasn’t really what we expected.  I had romantic notions of New Orleans.  I pictured myself sipping cocktails at historic bars and restaurants and gazing upon Mardi Gras parades.  I wasn’t expecting that Bourbon Street would be like … Read more

Mezcal Mai Tai

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There’s a couple of things that I really love. One of which is Mezcal and the other was orgeat syrup. The reserved rum balances this cocktail perfectly and provides this classic gem a whole new dimension. May you imbibe well… Read more

Bulleit 10 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Review

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Diageo’s small batch, Bulleit Bourbon recently released it’s newest expression, Bulleit 10, a 10 year old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. At a recent event, Founder Tom Bulliet, told the crowd how was able to a 10 year in the Kentucky heat. Using the same distilliate as their classic Frontier Whiskey, Mr. Bulliet hand selects barrels starting at year one, three and six to go towards the 10. Knowing which barrels can withstand the extra years … Read more

Jacob’s Creek Moscato Rose – Wine Wednesday

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  We have selected an almost perfect wine for the holiday!  It’s pink, it’s slightly sweet with notes of grapes, honeysuckle, strawberries and raspberries and it’s bubbly.  The best part is that the wine is well below $10 in most markets in the United States.  What is it, you may ask.  It’s the Jacob’s Creek Moscato Rose.

A few months ago, we joined the folks from Jacob’s Creek and … Read more