Jacob’s Creek Moscato Rose – Wine Wednesday

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  We have selected an almost perfect wine for the holiday!  It’s pink, it’s slightly sweet with notes of grapes, honeysuckle, strawberries and raspberries and it’s bubbly.  The best part is that the wine is well below $10 in most markets in the United States.  What is it, you may ask.  It’s the Jacob’s Creek Moscato Rose.

A few months ago, we joined the folks from Jacob’s Creek and a number of wine journalists and bloggers for an evening of Jacob’s Creek’s finest paired with the succulent delights offered by Prospect, one of San Francisco’s most delicious restaurants.  My highlight of the evening was the Jacob’s Creek Moscato Rose that greeted us upon arrival.  Given that it was light, low in alcohol and pink, I couldn’t help but refilling my flute.

The Jacob’s Creek Moscato Rose is perfect for Valentine’s Day.  It’s true that it isn’t Champagne but it doesn’t need to be.  This sparkler makes a delightful companion to chocolate covered strawberries and heart shaped cookies.  It speaks the language of love, yet does so without breaking the budget.  Here are our notes for the Jacob’s Creek Moscato Rose:

Appearance:  clear, pale salmon pink with medium sized bubbles

Nose:  clean, medium, youthful notes of strawberry, raspberry, cherry, grapes and honeysuckle

Palate:  medium sweet, medium acidity, no tannin, low alcohol, medium body, medium notes of strawberry, raspberry, cherry grape and honeysuckle with a medium finish

Rating:  good sparkling wine.  Doesn’t pretend to be anything more.  Clean, simple, fruity, bubbly!

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