It’s National Absinthe Day!

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Absinthe is the high proof, anise-flavored spirit with quite a kick. Although Absinthe originated in Switzerland, it gained great popularity in France and became commonly referred to as la fée verte or the green fairy in art and literature. The spirit was created by mixing botanicals like flowers and leaves with anise, fennel and other herbs. 

To get you into the spirit, we’ve included a few of our tastiest Absinthe cocktails to aid you in finding the green fairy. Let us know which ones are your favorite!

Absinthe Frappe — if you love the taste of black licorice, this is the drink for you!
Absinthe Irish —  pineapple juice and Red Bull give this cocktail sweetness with an extra zing.
Supernatual Sip — try this cocktail if you like rich, smooth drinks with a hint of coconut.
Monkey Gland —  don’t let the name scare you off, it’s just the surgical term for this drink created back in the 1920’s was named after.
Death in the Afternoon — trust us, this simple cocktail is to die for!
Red, White and B-Lucid Punch —  grab a few friends and get ready for a good time.
The Green Crush — fresh orange juice, orange soda and orange bitters make this closer to a citrus crush, but it’s still delicious!

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