Hangover Helpers

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Like drinking, but hate the next morning? Try some of these Hangover Helpers to ease the pain. Of course, the only sure fire way to avoid a hangover is to not drink at all.

Hangover Helpers

1. Drink moderately or not at all. Of course, you probably wouldn’t reading this if that’s how you drink.

2. Drink lots of water while drinking and after. This will help to rehydrate your body. I try to have a drink then a glass water alternating all night. Of course, I am never able to completely adhere to this philosophy.

3. Taking aspirin before going to sleep after drinking, be careful with Tylenol as it is said to cause liver damage when taken with alcohol.

4. Rest

5. Eat something that will help to replace the nutrients you’ve lost.

Tomatoes, half of the reason Bloody Mary’s are so popular for Brunch. The tomato juice and celery replace vitamins and the vodka helps to numb your throbbing head.

Do you have a trusted hangover remedy? Tell us about it!

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