Eggs – Cocktail Food

Eggs are one of the best drinking foods around. They were common fare at most bars a hundred years ago. They were served hardboiled with salt or picked in a vinegar brine.

What makes the egg so special? An egg is packed full of protein in the whites, while the yolk contains fats (the OK ones) and other good-for-you nutrients. Eggs even contain the amino acid, cysteine, that helps to battle the effects of the deadly hangover. No wonder Sunday Brunch is so popular!

Eggs are relatively easy to hard boil, still there are a few tricks to make them perfect every time. First, expect to lose a few to cracking. Adding a bit of vinegar to the water will help stop cracking. Second, add the eggs to the water while it is still cold. Dropping the eggs into boiling water is a good way to crack the eggs and burn yourself. Gently place the eggs at the bottom of the pan. Once boiling turn the heat down to a simmer. Cook medium eggs 9 minutes, large 10 minutes, extra-large 11 minutes and jumbo 12 minutes. Be careful not to over cook them as the yolks will discolor. Finally, serve in with salt in an old-fashioned egg tree, a Christmas tree looking apparatus made of wire that hold a dozen eggs a salt shaker and a bowl for shells. This, of course, is optional.

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