Healthy Drinking for the Holidays

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The holidays are fast approaching! In our humble opinion, one of the best parts of the holiday season is gathering with friends and family. An integral part of the holiday is the drinks. It’s usually during this time of the year that I drink amazing sparkling wine (and a fair share of Champagne) and cocktails. I love going to a party and seeing an inviting punch bowl. The downside to the holidays is that I occasionally wake-up the next day not feeling my best. Click here for some hangover cures. But, the best way to keep yourself feeling good is trying to drink as healthy as possible for the holidays. At Portland Cocktail Week, we attended a seminar on keeping healthy while drinking.  Here are the top tips for drinking healthy:

  • Eat before you drink — This is very important.  If you are going to a party, eat before you go.  You often hear that fatty foods help a hangover.  The truth is that fatty foods can help prevent a hangover.  Eat them before you start drinking (or during) and you might not need them after.
  • Water — Drink lots and lots of water.  Hydrate before you start drinking, drink water while you drink, drink before you go to bed and drink as soon as you get up.  Water and food are the best ways to prevent a hangover.
  • Limit sugar —  Stay away from or minimize the sugary drinks.  Drink light colored spirits (they have less sugar).
  • Sleep — Make sure that you get lots of sleep and rest.
  • Toast and crackers.  Eat toast and crackers before you go to bed or when you get up.  They will help absorb the alcohol.
  • Know when to stop — If you don’t feel well or are losing control, take a break.  Stop for awhile.

Have a happy, safe and healthy holiday season!

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