8 Hangover Cures That Work

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With the holidays coming up, we know that you might have a little too much fun or indulge too much. We certainly do! At Portland Cocktail Week, we took part in a very informative seminar on hangover cures and healthy drinking. Seriously, I love my life—can you imagine attending seminars on how to drink healthier? We thought that a list of proven hangover remedies might come in handy. Here is a list of eight time-tested cures:

  1. Water (and plenty of it). Hydrate before you start drinking, try to drink equal parts water and alcohol while drinking, and drink lots of water after the fact.
  2. Bananas. The potassium in bananas helps replenish your depleted body.
  3. Fresh fruit juice. The juice helps hydrate you and the vitamins can help too. Skip heavily sugared and preserved juices.
  4. Eggs. The eggs help break down the toxins in the liver.
  5. Fresh air. Helps replenish the oxygen in the body.
  6. Spicy food. Helps to sweat some of the toxins out.
  7. Burnt toast. The slight charcoal that forms on the toast helps to filter the toxins.
  8. Alka-Seltzer. Helps with aches, pains and nausea that may result from a night of over-imbibing.

Good luck this holiday season. If you find yourself in need, try one or all of these hangover cures!

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