Cynar Artichoke Liqueur Review

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I bet you didn’t know that cocktails are being made from Artichokes.  Over the last few years, Amari (bitter liqueurs) has swept the cocktail world! One its rising stars is Cynar, an Amaro from Italy made from artichokes with a few other herbs and plants thrown into the mix. Rather than hide its artichoke heritage, Cynar showcases it and the liqueur has a distinct artichoke note. Cynar is versatile. It can be served as an aperitif to stimulate the appetite, as a digestif to calm the stomach, as a mixer to make cocktails or as a substitute for bitters. Its versatility and unique taste have attracted
star mixologists from coast to coast, and it regularly pops up on menus of craft cocktail bars.

The tasting note for Cynar:

Appearance: clear, medium plus brown in color with viscous legs.

Aroma: clean, medium plus intensity with an herbal overtone of artichoke, saffron, cardamon, star anise, white pepper, cinnamon and quinine.

Palate: Dry, medium acidity, medium body (not as heavy in body or viscous as it’s appearance suggests) with a pronounced flavor intensity of artichoke, saffron, cardamon, star anise, white pepper, cinnamon and quinine.  Medium plus finish with no bitterness or alcohol burn.

Grade:  Good spirit.  Given that it’s main ingredient is artichoke, it lacks the bitterness that one would expect.  There is a bitter quality but balanced with sweetness.  Not an easy sell for the American pallet but worth a try.  A well crafted spirit.

Try substituting it for Campari or Fernet Branca in your favorite cocktail or use it instead of bitters in your next Negroni or Manhattan.

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