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Cynar Artichoke Liqueur Review

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I bet you didn’t know that cocktails are being made from Artichokes.  Over the last few years, Amari (bitter liqueurs) has swept the cocktail world! One its rising stars is Cynar, an Amaro from Italy made from artichokes with a few other herbs and plants thrown into the mix. Rather than hide its artichoke heritage, Cynar showcases it and the liqueur has a distinct artichoke note. Cynar is versatile. It can be served as an … Read more

Night on the Town

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Inspired by Cynar, I concocted this after-dinner variation on the Manhattan cocktail.

Cynar is a bitter liqueur made from artichokes and herbs, so this has a little bit of a vegetal flavor you don’t normally find in a Manhattan. It’s a digestif, meaning you drink it after a meal.

Don’t let the artichoke thing scare you! Cynar is a complex bitter that really adds some oomph to your drink. I imagine drinking it after a … Read more