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Mama Walker’s Breakfast Inspired Liqueurs Review

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New from Pernod Ricard comes Mama Walker’s, a new line of breakfast inspired liqueurs.

“Mama Walker’s delights with home-style, made-from scratch goodness in flavors consumers want,” said Juli Falkoff, Brand Director for Mama Walker’s, Pernod Ricard USA. “Breakfast isn’t just for breakfast anymore. Consumers are more and more adventurous, seeking flavors across a variety of categories,” Falkoff added. “Comfort food, sweet & savory flavor combinations and retro-inspired flavors are among three of the hottest trends … Read more

Kinky Liqueur Review

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We love Halloween and this years celebration was no exception.  There maybe no better time of year other than perhaps Valentine’s Day to be a little bit kinky.  I mean when else can you dress up like a Bavarian beer wench or a stripper and no-one even bats an eyelash.  In fact, you could almost say that it’s expected.  Speaking of kinky and dressing up, Kinky Liqueur has paired with Kinky Boots, a Broadway bound … Read more

Hiram Walker Whipped Cream Review

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We are lucky at DOTW to try the newest, hippest and edgy spirits and liqueurs.  Often, I am not quite sure what to expect.  Occasionally I am blown away – sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a bad way.  Other times, I am pleasantly surprised.  I will admit that when the bottle of Hiram Walker Whipped, I wasn’t quite sure what to think.  However, I am happy to report that this was one of … Read more

Rose Courvoisier Liqueur Review

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Rose Courvoisier recently celebrated its first year anniversary as a product.  That’s not bad for a new product release in the ever competitive spirit space these days.  It seems like new products are being released weekly, if not daily.  It’s hard to keep up.  Rose Courvoisier is a liqueur at 18% alcohol by volume (versus the Courvoisier cognac that clocks in at a much heavier 36%) that was created by blending Courvoisier cognac and red … Read more

Southern Comfort Cherry Liqueur Review

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With so many brands focused on adding flavors to their collections, we sometimes forget about “the original flavored spirit”. But Southern Comfort is ready to reclaim its title. Keeping it fresh and innovative is key in the spirits industry and so Southern Comfort has stepped up to the plate after releasing SoCo Lime in 2010, SoCo Fiery Pepper in 2011 and now its latest offering, SoCo Cherry. Southern Comfort was originally created by bartender Martin … Read more

Frangelico Review

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Italy has a long tradition of making spirits and liqueurs.  However, you might not know it as Italy isn’t famed for their spirits or liqueurs.  In fact, when you think of Italy and spirits, you probably think of Grappa.  But, there is definitely more to Italian spirits than Grappa.   One of them is called noisette, which are liqueurs that are made by soaking nuts in alcohol and then distilling part of the infusion again.  Similar … Read more

Drambuie Review

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According to lore, Drambuie is fit for a King.  In fact, it was allegedly invented by a Prince of Scotland who would have been King of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland if his insurrection has succeeded.  We are speaking of Prince Charles Stuart, whose lineage included many of the Kings of Scotland and a few in England after the two countries united under James Stuart in 1603.  In 1745, Charles sailed to Scotland and with … Read more

Hiram Walker Watermelon Schnapps Review

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In honor of Easter, we are reviewing the Hiram Walker Watermelon Schnapps this week.  You might ask yourself, what does Watermelon Schnapps have to do with Easter?  Nothing per se.  But, its bright color reminds me of Easter eggs.  And, I couldn’t wait to dye Easter eggs as a kid.

When the flavored Martini craze hit in the late 1990’s, early 2000s, I was pretty excited.  I really love Jolly Ranchers and the flavored schnapps … Read more

Hiram Walker Creme de Menthe Review

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In keeping with this week’s Mad Men theme, we are reviewing the Hiram Walker Creme de Menthe.  Creme de Menthe was incredibly popular in the 1960’s and for good reason – it’s delicious.  It makes me sad that we miss out on so much that is yummy and good by wanting to do the opposite of what our parents and grandparents did.  I really think that we lose out on some truly delicious food and … Read more

Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge Review

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Last week, I volunteered at a fantastic Grand Marnier tasting at San Francisco’s own Boothby Center.  We were lucky enough to taste through the Grand Marnier portfolio with its Master Distiller Patrick Raguenaud.  Mr. Raguenaud was charming and incredibly knowledgeable.  He captivated the audience for almost two hours.  Not necessarily an easy task when discussing the fine art of distilling.  The audience was captivated by both Mr. Raguenaud’s discussion and the incredible cocktails using Grand … Read more

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