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New Videos – Cabo Shots & Sake

This is a an old post that has been updated

This week we follow the Misty and Lauren to San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. They visit the Giggling Marlin, a bar notorious for shots. The girls are not disappointed when they are greeted with Jello Body Shots, upside down gravity shots and others. watch the video

We also went to Tokyo with the Thirsty Traveler. Ooops

There used to be a video here, but the … Read more

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Get Out Girls: Miami

It’s Super Bowl Weekend in Miami. These girls know how to have fun and there is not better place than South Beach. Follow these girls on a tour of awesome party places like the Shore Club, the Delano and the Ocean Avenue Strip. This video will give you a taste of off the field action going on this weekend.

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Top 10 US Party Cities

Maxim named the Top 10 Party Cities in the US recently. Here’s their list.
10. Chicago, Illionios
9. New York City, New York
8. Portland, Oregon
7. Atlanta, Georgia
6. Austin, Texas
5. Houston, Texas
4. Nashville, Tennessee
3. New Orleans, Louisiana
2. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1. Las Vegas, Nevada

I have to agree with the Top 2. Las Vegas is, well Las Vegas and Milwaukee was recently named the Hardest Drinking City by Forbes. New … Read more


Super Bowl Cocktails

The big game is Sunday. This is the single biggest party day of the year after New Years Eve. The folks over at Pernod-Ricard created two cocktails that honor this years Super Bowl teams, the Chicago Bears and the Indianapolis Colts.

Da Bear-tini

2 parts Kahlua
1 part Tequila Tezon

Shake in a shaker with ice and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with an
orange twist.

A Colt One

1 1/2 parts Malibu Rum… Read more

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Kisses

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Hershey’s is now making Dark Chocolate Raspberry Kisses. YUM! I haven’t tried them yet, Nicole Weston at Slashfood says they can be a bit harsh all by themselves, but make a great accompanyment to other treats, such as our Chocolate Raspberry Martini and Champage Cocktails.

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Kisses

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This Week’s Drink – Jamaican Winter

Shake off the cold with this Carribean delight. Easy to make and easier to drink, who doesn’t need a bit of Jamaican winter? Thanks, George L!

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What is a Standard Shot – Part 2

This is a great question as it causes a ton of confusion amongst bartenders and the home mixologist alike. According to most, a standard shot is 1 ½ fluid ounces. This is also commonly known as a jigger. If you are counting at home, that’s a 6 count.

But wait! There are a few other types of shots:

– A 1-ounce shot is known as a pony
– A double shot is 3 ounces

The … Read more

San Francisco Bay Area Bar Map

Google Bar Mashups are way cool here out start at one for San Francisco and the Bay Area. If you have a favorite, let us know.

CommunityWalk Map – San Francisco Bars

San Francisco Bar Map… Read more

How To Get Free Drinks

The English video series “The Real Hustle” demonstrates two bar tricks that could get you a few freebies. Of course, use this power wisely and make sure your opponent hasn’t seen these videos:

Part One, The Hat Trick

Part Two, Geometry Lesson

More video… 

Wisebread’s Top 5 Free Drink Hustles… Read more

Gin, the New Vodka?

Gary Regan, celebrated mixologist and writer gives us a terrific journey into the world of new small-batch gins flavored with much more than just the required juniper berry. These days, gin is flavored with a wide variety of herbs, spices and botanicals including lavender, caramom, cinnamon, ginger and citrus. This makes for many a ideal martini, each unique to the batch of gin at its base.

Regan reviews a handful of small batch gins including … Read more