Gin, the New Vodka?

wi_gin12_807_cl.jpgGary Regan, celebrated mixologist and writer gives us a terrific journey into the world of new small-batch gins flavored with much more than just the required juniper berry. These days, gin is flavored with a wide variety of herbs, spices and botanicals including lavender, caramom, cinnamon, ginger and citrus. This makes for many a ideal martini, each unique to the batch of gin at its base.

Regan reviews a handful of small batch gins including Anchor’s Junipero, Gin No 209 and Sarticious all hailing from Northern California. Other Gins mentioned are made in Chicago, New York and England (of course).

These super premium gins are the vodkas of the last several years. The complexity is amazing and the cocktails endless.

Gin: The Other White Spirit.
Photo by Craig Lee, SF Chronicle.

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