What is a Standard Shot – Part 2

jigger_sm.jpgThis is a great question as it causes a ton of confusion amongst bartenders and the home mixologist alike. According to most, a standard shot is 1 ½ fluid ounces. This is also commonly known as a jigger. If you are counting at home, that’s a 6 count.

But wait! There are a few other types of shots:

– A 1-ounce shot is known as a pony
– A double shot is 3 ounces

The British have a whole different system (25ml-35 ml for a single shot), but we’ll save that for another post.

The bar tool know as a jigger (pictured above) actually has both a 1 ½-oz “jigger” and a 1 -z “pony” measure. I love this tool! Counting is fine, but the jigger is exact. When times get busy, it is a lifesaver. What can I say, sometimes counting to 6 is hard. I tend to use a jigger to take the “human element” (aka ME) out of the equation of making drinks.

Here’s a handy guide I made (print it out and put it on the bar):
Bar Measurement Chart

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