Tax Day – A Day Made For Drinking

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One of the most dreaded days of the year is rapidly approaching – April 15, otherwise known as Tax Day.  Since April 15 falls on a Sunday this year, we get a day of reprieve with April 16 being Tax Day.  I can think of no other day that is as hated, reviled or feared as Tax Day.  Just writing this article about it makes me cringe.

But, on the flip side, there is no other day so tailor made for drinking.  Sure, there are lots of day where celebrations involve drinking – think of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and the 4th of July to name a few.  Notice the key distinction – those days are days of celebration.  Tax Day is a national day of mourning.  It’s as though the entire country was attending a wake.  The Irish drown their sorrows with booze on days of mourning, hence the Irish Wake.  Why shouldn’t we on Tax Day.  We can make it the National Day of Drink.  Maybe that would help make us all cringe a little less knowing what was coming after the signing of the forms and mailing of checks.  Something to consider.

To help you get through Tax Day this year or to drown your sorrows after, we have a few drink suggestions.  I don’t think that you could go wrong with any of these libations:

Death and Taxes – this is a drink that is designed to help you forget the woes of tax day.

Death in the Afternoon – in homage to the old adage, nothing is certain in life other than death and taxes.  To Death in the Afternoon!

Dave Wondrich’s Zombie – you might feel like a zombie after rushing to the post office to file those taxes.  If you don’t, this drink will help push you into wonderful oblivion.

700 Billion Dollar Martini – you might not feel so bad about paying the taxman if you could afford a 700 Billion Dollar Martini (or the bailout a few years back paid your bonus for a couple of years).

Long Island Iced Tea – this classic is the quickest way to helping you forget that big check you just wrote.  I might be dating myself but this is one of the drinks that would help me forget finals.

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