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Girly Drinks

Hello, my girlfriend doesn’t drink very often because she doesn’t know what mixed drinks to order. She likes frozen daiquiris and piña coladas and she also like rum and pineapple juice. Any suggestions of more how shall I say “fruity” or “girlie” drinks? Thanks. Love the site!

Here are a few that will make her happy:… Read more

Flair Bartending

Q: What is flair bartending?

A: Flair bartending is the practice of entertaining guests, clientele, or audience with the throwing/juggling of bar tools (e.g., shaker tins) and liquor bottles in tricky, dazzling ways. “Flair,” or “freestyle bartending,” can be divided into two styles: working flair and competition flair. The difference between the two being the level of risk and complication of the tricks are higher for competitions. Good flair should be light-hearted and entertaining while … Read more


Q: I’m thinking about buying some absinthe. I’d like to know what it tastes like, bitter?

A: Absinthe tastes of anise—think black licorice.… Read more

Up Drinks

Q: What does it mean when a bartender asks if you would like your martini “up”?

A: If refers to serving the drink without ice, as in “straight up.” No ice is also referred to as “neat.”… Read more

To Squeeze or Not to Squeeze

Q: I’ve been a bartender for 30 years. Some new bartender insists on squeezing the lime. I say don’t squeeze it, let the customer decide if they want to add the flavor of a squeezed lime.

A: Personally, I agree. Better to not ruin someone’s drink, if they want to squeeze the lime, there it is, just waiting. No problem.… Read more

Crème de Cacao

Q: What is white crème de cacao?

A: Crème de cacao is distilled from cacao (chocolate) beans. It gives the flavor of slightly roasted chocolate. Crème de cacao comes in both a dark and white (clear) variations. If a recipe calls just for crème de cacao use white crème de cacao.

Get crème de Cacao here.… Read more

Crème de Noyaux

Q: What is crème de noyaux?

A: Crème de noyaux is an almond-flavored liqueur made from fermented peach & apricot pits. It is typically red in color.

Buy crème de noyaux here.… Read more

Orgeat Syrup

Q: What is orgeat syrup? Where can I get it?

A: Orgeat is an almond-flavored syrup used in both drink mixing and in baking. It can be found in most liquor stores or it can ordered over the internet at places like BevMo.… Read more

Q: What is B & B Liqueur

A: In the 1930s, a barman from the famous Club Twenty One in New York dreamt up a blend of Benedictine and Brandy. This new drink was instantly successful, and was called B&B.

More on B & B and Benedictine.
Buy B & B here.… Read more

1.75 liter bottle

Q: How many mixed drinks can you get from a 1.75 liter bottle?

A: A 1.75 or “handle” contains about 59 oz of liquor. Typically 1 oz = 1 shot = one serving of booze. You can get about 59 1-oz drinks out of the bottle, but it really depends on how you are pouring. Go here for more on measurements.… Read more

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