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How to Make Simple Syrup

This is an often asked question with a simple answer.

Here’s what to do


1 Cup Sugar
1 ½ Cups Water

In a heavy pan on low heat, stir to with wooden spoon until all the sugar is dissolved. Run the spoon around the edge of the pan to keep the sugar from crystallizing. Next, bring the mixture to a boil for 3–5 minutes, scoop of any accumulated scum and remove from the heat. … Read more

Should Liquor Have Nutrition Labels?

This has become quite an issue, but I don’t see it. Mostly I see it as a benefit for those who seek the nutritional information for the liquor they drink. We get many questions here about the calories, carbs and make up of all sorts of spirits, so why not list this info on the label? Make consumers who care happy, the one who don’t care won’t even notice the change.

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Cocktail Q & A – Tall Drinks

Dear Barkeep,

Is it customary to charge extra when someone orders a “tall” cocktail? I always thought that a tall meant more mix, not more alcohol, so what’s with the extra $? Greed?

Broke Alcoholic

A: This seems to cause quite a bit of confusion and I cannot find a good definition. I have a feeling this varies from bartender to bartender as to what they think a “tall drink” is. Best to let … Read more

No Boozin’ When Crusin’

Going a cruise and wondering if you can sneak a bottle of Vodka on board? Well, think again. All of the major cruise lines have a “No Sneaking Booze on Board” policy. Many will allow you to bring a few bottles aboard that you may enjoy with dinner (with a corkage fee of $10–$25). Only Norwegian Coastal Voyages will let you bring whatever you want on board as long as you consume it in your … Read more

How Much Ice Do I Need?

Ice is the most important ingredient for any party. You’ll not only need lots of ice to cool down bottles of beer (or a keg) white wine and sodas, but you need it for mixed drinks as well. The good news is that ice is cheap, so buy lots of it.

We recommend getting at least pound of ice per person. This should make for a cool event.

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What is a Standard Shot – Part 2

This is a great question as it causes a ton of confusion amongst bartenders and the home mixologist alike. According to most, a standard shot is 1 ½ fluid ounces. This is also commonly known as a jigger. If you are counting at home, that’s a 6 count.

But wait! There are a few other types of shots:

– A 1-ounce shot is known as a pony
– A double shot is 3 ounces

The … Read more

How Long Does Liquor Last?

Q: My sister gave me several bottles of Seagram’s VO. The tax seal says it was put on in 1982. It is still sealed, and the bottles says its 6 years old, that would make the whiskey 30 years old. How good is this whiskey? Is it drinkable?
Jim G

A: Sealed bottles of whiskey and other spirits should last indefinitely when still sealed. Unlike wine, however, liquor does not age in the bottle, so … Read more

Cocktail Questions – 1950s Cocktails

Q: I am throwing a 1950s themed party and would like to serve popular drinks from that era!

A: The 1950s are considered by many to be the Golden Age of the Cocktail. The martini was most popular. A favorite of Dean Martin and the rest of the Rat Pack, it became everyone’s favorite. My grandmother, who was never much of a drinker, still fondly remembers the 50s and those wonderful martinis.

Our 5 of … Read more

Cocktail Questions – Flasks

Q: Hi, barkeep. I have question. What is your opinion of hip flasks? I just got a 9-oz one for a present and I was wondering if a flask keeps alcohol cold? If not, what is a good alcohol (rum, rye, vodka, brandy) that tastes good when it is warm? Should I always fill the flask to the top or just the amount i need?

A: I am a big fan of flasks. Portable booze … Read more

Cocktail Question – Standard Shot

Q: Is a standard shot 1 oz or 1 1/2 oz. I have been bartending for a while and I can get the count but I am not quite sure the amount I am pouring.

thanks, Shawn

A: I use a six count which should come out to 1 1/2 oz.

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