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Cooking with Liquor – Pecan Pie

Q: Can I use Chivas Regal Scotch (15 yrs. old) in a pecan pie recipe? That is the only whiskey I have on hand and it’s never been opened. The recipe calls for bourbon.

A: While scotch and bourbon are both whiskeys, they have very different tastes. Bourbon is slightly sweet, which gives a wonderful taste to peacan pie. Scotch doesn’t have the sweetness and many have a peaty flavor.

Although I haven’t tried it, … Read more

Reader Opinion – Shaken or Stirred

We get a lot of email, we though t we should start sharing. This is from Shane

“According to old school bartenders, and in fact good bartenders, Manhattans, and Gin or Vodka martinis should never be shaken. Only drinks with fruit juice. According to Pat the old school bartender I work with, shaking said drinks does not allow the flavors to blend and give that smooth taste, it only makes them colder so you cannot … Read more

Cocktail Question – Counting Pours

Q: I wanted to know what kind of count you should use for 1/4 oz, 1/8 oz, 3/4 oz
For 1/2 oz. I usually use: one thousand
A: Basic rule of thumb in bartending is a 4 counts = 1 oz.

1 = 1/4 oz.
2 = 1/2 oz.
3 = 3/4 oz.
4 = 1 oz.
6 = 1 1/2 oz.
8 = 2 oz.

More on measurements… Read more

Cocktail Questions – Canadian Whisky

Q: What is Canadian whisky predominately made from?

A: Canadian whisky is made mostly from Corn, similar to Kentucky bourbon. Small amounts of barley and Rye are also added. By law, Canadian Whisky must be barrel ages for at least 3 years.

While most Canadian whiskies are blends, some sigle malts have been poping up as of late. Candians have been making whisky for over 200 years, but it really took off in the US … Read more

Cocktail Question – Drinks vs. Cocktails?

Q: What’s the difference in meeting for “drinks” and meeting for “cocktails”? What is the definition of a cocktail anyway?


A: Well in general meeting for “drinks” or “cocktails” is essentially the same. Both infer that you will be meeting over an alcoholic beverage. The words “drink” and “cocktail” do have different meaning. “Drink” is both a noun and a verb, it refers to all drinks, both with or without alcohol. “Cocktail“, however, … Read more

What Is the Difference Between Whiskey and Bourbon?

Bourbon is type of whiskey. Bourbon is only made in the state of Kentuck and contains at least 51% corn. It can be sweeter than other whiskeys. Notable brands are Maker’s Mark, Jim Beam, and Knob Creek.… Read more

Ciroc Vodka

What is a “Ciroc Press”? 

Haven’t seen this cocktail. If anyone knows how to make it, let us know. Ciroc is an incredible French Vodka made from grapes. Yummy!

Ciroc Vodka… Read more

What Is Good Mixed with Cognac?

My favorite is a Sidecar. Use cognac instead of brandy! In fact, you can  substitute cognac for any drink made with brandy. Cognac is brandy that is made in the cognac region of France. It is also distilled in a unique way.… Read more

What Does ‘Float’ Mean?

As in “floating” alcohol in a drink.

Floating means to pour gently on top of the drink. Floating refers to the fact that you want the liquor to “float” on top of the other ingredients. You also don’t stir a drink after adding a float.… Read more

Old-Fashioned Recipe

How do you make old-fashioned mix from scratch? Better to make each drink separately from scratch.

Old Fashioned

You can premix bitters with sweet & sour as well.… Read more

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