Pumpkin Cocktails for Halloween

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Halloween is not only pumpkin-carving time; it’s also pumpkin drinking time! (But please … finish with that carving knife and put it away before you hit the sauce.)

Whether you use pumpkin spice liqueur, pumpkin spice mix, pumpkin purée or a combination, Autumn’s iconic orange vegetable (or is it a fruit?) is a welcome addition to the cocktail mixer.

Now time to mix!

Here are Drink of the Week’s top picks for Halloween pumpkin cocktails:

  • Pumpkin Martini: Vodka and pumpkin spice liqueur make for a simple Halloween treat. Garnish with candy corn for that extra touch.
  • Pumpkin Caipirinha: Cachaça, pumpkin purée and Frangelico are just a few of the ingredients that make this capipirinha variation hit the spot for Fall.
  • Sleepy Hollow Fizz: Spice up a rum fizz with some pumpkin!
  • Calabatini: A creamy pumpkin drink with tequila for after trick-or-treat time.
  • Pumpkin Margarita: Skip the limes and go for a pumpkin spice liqueur to turn a margarita into a spooky cocktail.
  • Ignus Fatuus: Grab the cognac, chardonnay, apple cider and pumpkin mix, Halloween can be sophisticated after all.
  • The Pumpkin Pie: Rum, Kahlúa, milk and pumpkin pie filling … need we say more?

Photo courtesy of Leblon Cachaça.

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