Pau Vodka Review

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This Vodka hails from Hawaii! I have to admit the fact that Pau is made in Hawaii and has an awesome bottle (more on that later) made me want to like it even before I even tried it. But, the good news is that I liked it just as much after I tried it. Pau Vodka is made by Haliimaile Distilling Company in upcountry Maui and distilled from Maui pineapples.

The Pau Vodka bottle is beautifully shaped glass bottle (narrow at the bottom with broadening shoulders). I has a flattering pattern on the back that shimmers in silver and is accented with a purple and gold top and almost etched label. Seriously, it makes me think of a tropical island and looks amazing as part of a collection or on the bar.

Besides being made in Hawaii, Pau Vodka has some other interesting facts. The first is that it’s completely distilled from pineapples. On both the nose and the palate, you get whispering hints of the pineapple. The other interesting fact is that the Pau Vodka is distilled in glass still. Apparently, the distiller believes that the copper imparts aromas and flavors and to eliminate such imparting, the distiller invented his own glass still. I would love to see that still.

In addition to the premium Pau Vodka, Haliimaile also produces a line of lower priced 808 Vodkas that are infused with Island flavor (mango, lychee, guava). The 808 Vodkas are named after the Hawaii phone area code. I also really enjoyed these Vodkas and will review them at a future date.

The Pau Vodka was crystal clear and bright with a slight silver sheen. On the nose, the Pau had a moderate intensity of pineapple, citrus and sugar. The nose on the Pau was interesting – in a blind tasting, I could have almost confused it with a mild white Rum. On the palate, the Pau was viscous and textured with flavors of pineapple, citrus and sugar and a controlled alcohol burn. Medium plus finish. Good Vodka. Very interesting.

Try this in a Blue Hawaii.

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