2009 Green Truck Petit Sirah – Wine Wednesday

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This bargain wine is made from certified organic grapes in Mendocino County. Mendocino County is a cool growing area just north of Sonoma and has long been a leader in the organic grape movement in the United States. What is great about this wine is that is is organic and can still be found for under $10. We paid $8.99 for it.

While you might not have heard of Green Truck Wine (the Green standing for the “green” wines used in made the wine), you may have heard of it’s bigger brother, Red Truck wines. The “Truck” wines have expanded to include not only Red and Green but also Pink and White. The Red Truck Wine label was originally started by Cline Cellars to offer a juicy red wine at a value price. This is saying something as Cline offers great value to begin with. In 2005, Cline sold the label and it’s currently owned by Bronco Wine Company (the folks behind Two Buck Chuck). Today, Bronco Wine continues to make a decent wine at the price point.

Petit Sirah is a grape that you don’t often see bottled as a varietal. But, if you do see it, it’s highly likely that it’s coming out of California. Petit Sirah comes from France where it’s not a widely planted grape. Historically, in the United States, it was used to add body and tannin to lower quality wines and there are significant plantings in California. Interestingly enough, it has recently been found that a majority of Petit Sirah plantings in California are Durif, a parent of Petit Sirah.

The 2009 Green Truck Petit Sirah is clear with a medium plus purple color. On the nose, the wine was clean with a medium minus, youthful aroma of blackberry, black currant, licorice and earth. On the palate, the wine had medium plus acidity, medium plus tannin, medium body, limited to no use of oak, medium intensity of blackberry, black currant, licorice and earth. Medium minus finish. Average to good wine.

This is a great wine to try if you are looking for a wine with lots of dark fruit and some earth that isn’t overly fruity.

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