The NFL Cocktail Playoffs!

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From the frozen tundra of Green Bay to the storied harbors of Baltimore, NFL Playoff football will captivate the minds and hearts of millions of thirsty fans across the world! I’m sure you have the snack menu in your head and the big screen polished up, but does your drink of choice truly represent the team your rooting for?

Don’t worry Superfan, I’m going to give you the rundown of the hometown favorites, the tailgate legends and the classic cocktails that will turn any get together large or small into the Ultimate NFL fan experience. Let’s get into the NFL Cocktail Playoffs!

  • New York Giants at the Green Bay Packers

All eyes will be on Lambeau Field this Sunday as the nearly flawless Green Bay Packers take the field against the NFC East champion New York Giants. While the teams do battle on the field in what will be a classic divisional match-up, what is a true cheesehead’s best friend? Look no further than Wisconsin favorite, The Brandy Old Fashioned. Enjoy the warmth from your favorite brandy or whiskey paired with refreshing citrus soda in this popular Wisconsin cocktail. With a dash of bitters, maraschino cherry, a slice of lemon or orange and you have a concoction that puts you right on the 50 yard line at Lambeau. 

If your heart pumps big blue and you’re kicking back in your man cave getting ready for the big game, what is going to get your party started? Look no further than the Mr. Manhattan. Push that cocktail glass aside and fill your favorite old-fashioned glass with Skyy Infusions’ Cherry Vodka, Wild Turkey and Cola to create this New York classic. Sip it slow, enjoy the game!

  • New Orleans Saints at the San Francisco 49ers

Two NFC powers will collide this Saturday at Candlestick Park in San Francisco as the NFC South Champion New Orleans Saints travel to San Francisco to take on the 49ers. No doubt, the Who Dat nation will be in attendance both at the game or with family and friends cheering on their beloved Saints! What will be their drink of choice? I present you with the celebrated Mardi Gras classic Sazerac! The absinthe-based cocktail really brings Fat Tuesday to the football field! 

The Candlestick faithful have covered the city with pride as their 49ers get ready to take the field. The Spring-like weather conditions by the Bay will allow them to give a true San Francisco treat gameday twist! Break out those rocks glasses and pour yourself a new classic from Daniel Hyatt of Alembic, The Apple Irish Coffee. Pour Baileys over ice along with rich, smooth iced coffee will give you the taste of sweet victory!

  • Denver Broncos at the New England Patriots

America’s underdogs the Denver Broncos will clash with the New England Patriots this Saturday night in a much-talked about rematch from their regular season battle. Patriots fans will be delighted to fill their shakes with the classic Boston Sidecar. Equal parts brandy, triple sec and lime juice combine with a light rum to create the Boston bar favorite. 

For the Broncos fan, while normally you would savor one of the many beers you can enjoy from the Rocky Mountain state, one of the biggest trends in Denver from the past year were ginger drinks. The Ginger Man starts with a tall glass of ice and combines ginger beer with Effen Vodka, lime juice, mint leaves, a dash of bitters and ginger syrup to make a new classic just in time for kickoff. 

  • Houston Texans at the Baltimore Ravens

The pure defensive battle of the weekend takes place this Sunday in Baltimore as the Baltimore Ravens play host to the Houston Texans in only their second playoff game in franchise history.  To celebrate, Texans fans can make a Midnight Blue Margarita. Mix a simple blueberry syrup with Meyer lemon juice, tequila blanco and blue curacao to create a new spin on a Tex Mex cocktail that blends right in with your jersey. 

What about Ravens fans that want a cocktail that shows off their Raven pride as well? Look no further than the Blackberry Smash. Mix fresh Blackberries, a stiff bourbon, crisp mint leaves, lemon juice and simple syrup in a cocktail shaker for a cocktail that represents your defense, a smash! 

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