Five Drinks to Ease Your Nerves after Christmas Shopping

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We originally posted these drinks after Thanksgiving but we think that’s it’s just as appropriate now with all the people hitting the malls and shops across America. Whether you are returning gifts, exchanging them or shopping for next Christmas (my mom will be out doing that today), there is a ton of shopping going on out there. While we hope it’s not as bad as after Thanksgiving (please, no pepperspraying anyone!), we know that it can nevertheless drive people to drink.

Whether you are a husband who hits the bar while waiting for your wife to finish her shopping (or a wife that is waiting for her hubby – mine likes to shop more than I do) or are the one out doing the checking, here are our recommendations to help soothe your nerves. Whether you order one up at a bar or you pour yourself a strong one when you get home, here are our favorite shopping day drinks:

Boilermaker: What’s better for combating shopping stress (or waiting for your spouse) than a beer and a shot. This is great before, during or after shopping.
Old Fashioned: the perfect time for a classic. Check out our Rum Old Fashioned cocktail recipe or try it with whisky, brandy.
Irish Coffee: for a break from shopping. Keep you warm since it’s cold outside, gives you energy to keep you going and provides relaxation.
Mulled Cider: for holiday shopping. Another drink to keep you warm – fresh cider with a kick!
Champagne Cocktail: A perfect drink for a job well done!

Photo courtesy of MyBlackFriday.

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