Happy 75th Birthday Golden Gate Bridge!

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It’s hard to believe that the Golden Gate Bridge turns 75 on May 27th.  It’s been a cultural icon, an engineering marvel and the symbol of San Francisco since it’s opening in 1937.  I can still remember the awe I experienced when I first time I saw it many years ago.  I still experience a twinge of that awe every time I see its majestic orange-red spans suspended above the San Francisco Bay.

The Golden Gate Bridge started as a pipe dream that became a reality.  At the time of it’s inception, San Francisco was the largest city in the United States served by ferries.  At that time, San Francisco was only connected to the San Francisco Peninsula by land.  The San Francisco Bay separated San Francisco from both Marin and the East Bay (where Oakland is located).    The Golden Gate Bridge was deemed a pipe dream because no-one believed that a bridge could withstand the deep water, extreme tides and fierce wind that marks the spot where the Golden Gate Bridge is located.  Yet, a few dreamers turned the dream into reality and one of the world’s most iconic bridges became reality. 

The Golden Gate Bridge has the second largest span in the United States, and until 1998, had the world’s largest suspension towers.  The bridge is composed of over 80,000 miles of wires and 1,200,000 rivets.  It was painted International Orange, which helps make the visible through the thick fog that often blankets it.  Cars, bikes and pedestrians use the bridge daily.  If you get a chance, take a walk across – it’s worth braving the cold.

Lift a glass and toast the Golden Gate’s 75th Birthday with one of these libations named in her honor!

Golden Gate 75 – a fun drink by our friend, the acclaimed drinks writer Camper English

Golden Gate Persimmon – persimmons help give that International Orange color

The Golden Gate Cocktail – the classic drink paying homage to the iconic bridge

The Golden Gate Cocktail II – a delicious drink from The Savoy Cocktail Book and perfect for summer

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