Top 5 Wines for Summer

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Summer is finally here! While its stays nice and chilly in San Francisco, we have heard that the heat wave has already started in other parts of the country. When the weather turns warm, I turn to lighter wines served chilled. For those white haters out there, don’t despair, there are red wines that can be served chilled and roses to try. Here are our picks for wine to try this summer:

  • Rose – we know what you are thinking, really rose. But, seriously, rose can be pretty radical and it’s not just for White Zinfandel lovers anymore (and if you like White Zin, go for it). Rose combines the best of red and white. It’s refreshing like a white wine, which makes it perfect for summer, but has the flavor profile of red wine that many people love. Particularly good rose wines come from Provence in Southern France, Italy, Austria and Germany. Branch out this summer and give rose a whirl
  • Gruner Veltliner – the perfect summer wine. Gruner Veltliner is the rising star of the wine world and for good reason. Gruner is light and refreshing with a peppery, green taste. It pairs well with a range of food, including corn for summer barbeques, and the pool (perfect for sipping next to the pool or floating in your pool chair)
  • Sauvignon Blanc – a refreshing wine that comes in a variety of styles to fit almost any palate. Sauvignon Blanc was born in France (the Loire) and has spread across the world with stunning results in the United States, Chile and New Zealand. Sauvignon Blanc is a crisp wine with flavors of grass, peach and citrus that pair well with summer fruits and vegetables. Really, summer in a glass
  • Albarino – a lively wine from Spain (and it’s cousin Vino Verdhe in Portugal). Albarino is often lightly effervescent (and totally fun) with tones of green apple, citrus and peach. It’s a delightful wine that will help keep you cool down during the warm days of summer
  • Pinot Noir – some might think a surprising pick, but not really. I have tons of friends that won’t touch white wine, or rose for that matter. So, I am always on the lookout for red wines to serve them. But, as much as I love red wine, I often find it difficult to drink it on a hot day, as it is much heavier than white wines or cocktails. My go-to solution for that is to serve Pinot Noir (OK I will admit that I am obsessed with Pinot Noir so this is an easy solution). Pinot Noir originated in France and has spread all over the world. For summer, I am particularly partial to the light, high acid, fruit forward Pinot Noirs from California (Russian River, Santa Rita Hills) that I serve chilled

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