Go Green With These St. Patty’s Cocktails

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Try these green cocktails out at your St. Patrick’s day party this weekend and let us know how it goes!

  • Green Sangria — cucumber and kiwi make this wine cocktail super refreshing.
  • Shamrock #3 — try this Irish whiskey drink and watch your luck improve!
  • Irish Spring —  a simple gin cocktail with celery, mint and lime juice.
  • Absinthe Irish — who else better to invoke on this holiday than the Green Fairy? 
  • Irish Sour — if you’ve never tried green tea syrup, now’s your chance.
  • The Shamrocker — grab the tequila and get ready for a good time.
  • Dublin Delight —  mint, kiwi and vanilla make a perfect combo in this vodka cocktail.
  • Greentini — vodka and Midori are all you need to make this pretty drink.

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