The Cure For Your Winter Blues!

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With spring and summer fast approaching, I find myself craving sunshine and citrusy cocktails. Although I still love a salt-rimmed margarita or a hoppy I.P.A., I have been dying to try the hybrid that is the beer cocktail.

Beer cocktails are becoming increasingly popular and because I have never tried one, I decided to do one better and make my own. I followed a recipe from for a cocktail called “The Cure.” The aptly-named cocktail did cure my wintertime blues plus it left me feeling refreshed and wanting another!

The Cure
2 cups crushed ice
1 oz Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur
5 oz light lager or wheat beer
½ oz lemon juice
Several (1-inch) pieces peeled fresh ginger cut into matchsticks

Fill 12-oz glass with ice. Add ginger liqueur, beer, and lemon juice. Gently stir to avoid too much fizzing, and add ginger matchsticks for garnish.

There you have it! The end result is a smooth but bubbly, spicy-citrus cocktail that is perfect for a summer barbeque or if you just need a drink to remind you of long, lazy summer days. You can taste the beer just enough to know it’s there, but you also taste the glory that is Domaine de Canton. You must try this breezy cocktail. It’s the perfect combination for the beer drinker and the cocktail sipper!

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