Energy in Vegas: Drinks and Mixers, That Is!

Energy drinks aren’t one of the fastest-growing segments of the beverage industry for nothing and their displays at the Nightclub and Bar Show were enough to keep us going all day and all night! Here are a few of our favorites, as well as some others that we just can’t help mentioning for their over-the-top marketing style.

Jetset Energy. As if to stake their claim as the proverbial David seeking to slay Goliath, local San Francisco boys JetSet were positioned as the very first booth you encountered with their much larger rivals towering above them on all sides. What makes JetSet our favorite energy mixer is that it’s the first, and only, product we found that is marketed as a mixer, not only as a standalone drink. With old-time mixing favorites such as tonic, ginger ale, and club soda we definitely have found a unique product worth trying with your spirit of choice. For great drink ideas, visit their website at!

monster girls

After finishing a quick Kettle One and Jetset Tonic it was off to try some of the competition. Not much to be said about Monster, Red Bull, and Rockstar that hasn’t been said before other than that those guys really know how to make a trade show into one off the hook party! See some of the pictures in our previous post and you’ll see what I mean.

The Jimi Hendrix Liquid Experience. A light-flavored drink better enjoyed by itself than as a mixer. We liked these guys in that they have created a product that gives something back to support artists and their craft. [The Jimi Hendrix Liquid Experience]

Sex Drive Energy Drink. Well the name is catchy and it does have Horny Goat Weed! Other than that though I’m not sure how it tastes much different than its larger competitors. I guess for the bar crowd though it might make for an interesting way to start a conversation. [Sex DriveEnergy Drink]

Powerock. In a new twist this energy mixer comes in a small 0.5 oz. pouch that can be added to your favorite drinks and is easily able to be carried with you wherever you might find the need for a boost. Available in seven flavors such as cola and lemon lime one can easily combine with say a martini without having to consume an entire 12 oz. can of their other energy rivals.

SumPoosie Cat Energy Drink. Really, really sweet and a name that doesn’t leave all that much to the imagination. We were thinking that if Midori sour is your drink of choice then just maybe give it a try. [SumPoosie Cat Energy Drink]

420 Energy Drinks. Differentiating themselves from the rest these guys have added Hemp Oil to their energy line up which includes flavors like Orange Kush and Purple Dank. Promising four hours and twenty minutes of fun energy try it straight or with your favorite vodka.

Liquid Ice Energy Drink. Smooth and less sweet than their bigger rivals we found Liquid Ice to be a nice alternative. We liked their Fire and Ice for example…151 Bacardi and Liquid Ice lit on fire! Careful! [Liquid Ice Energy Drink]

Pure Liquid Energy Drinks. Pleasant. An energy drink you can sip without a horrible lingering taste that accompanies other energy beverages. Also these guys have an associated company that can provide Pure Liquid in your own custom labeled can. Great idea guys! [Pure Liquid Energy]

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