Floradora Cocktail

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Originating in the 1890s, the Floradora is a fresh cool highball cocktail that still stands tall in the 21st century. The refreshing combo of raspberries, gin, lime and a bite of ginger beer is just right on a summer’s eve. The trick with this drink is to pick a gin that is not overly junipery (yep that’s a word). We like Hendrick’s.

3 parts gin
1 part fresh lime juice
Ginger beer
Fresh Raspberries
Lime wedge

Muddle raspberries and sugar in a mixing glass (the glass part of a Boston shaker). Add gin, lime juice and ice. Slap on the metal half of the shaker and shake vigorously for 20 seconds. Strain into an highball glass over fresh ice. garnish with a lime wedge and fresh raspberries.

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