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Floradora Cocktail

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Originating in the 1890s, the Floradora is a fresh cool highball cocktail that still stands tall in the 21st century. The refreshing combo of raspberries, gin, lime and a bite of ginger beer is just right on a summer’s eve. The trick with this drink is to pick a gin that is not overly junipery (yep that’s a word). We like Hendrick’s.

3 parts gin
1 part fresh lime juice
Ginger beer
Fresh Raspberries… Read more

Essential Glassware – Highball Glass

The highball glass is an essential piece of barware as it serves the most essential of drinks, the highball. The highball glass is the workhouse of the bar world, but not as flashy as other glasses like the margarita glass. Highballs are simple drinks that consist of spirit and mixer. No cocktail party is complete with the offer and consumption of highballs.

The highball glass is a thick glass of medium height (shorter than the … Read more

Bodum Pavina Thermal Glasses

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These Bodum glasses are some of my favorites. I may have found the perfect glassware. These hand-blown glasses by Bodum are double walled, which keeps the hot, hot and the cold, cold. The “Pavina” I purchased style feels great in the hand, and no annoying table rings. You need to be careful as they are a bit delicate.

Bodum makes a few other styles of these double-walled wonders. They really work, and are stylish to … Read more

Absolut Brooklyn Ginger

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Courtesy of Absolut Vodka.