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Hangover Helpers – Cinnamon Toast & Coke

DOTW reader Kourie, shares this remedy:

My Grandfather gave me the combo and it works great. The caffeine will get rid of your headache, and the sugar toast will work on your stomach! Give it a try!

One can of Coca-Cola, not Pepsi. Must be cold and don’t pour over ice with or pour in a glass. Must have all the carbonation and not be diet or caffeine free.

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Outrageous Vodkas

The explosion in popularity of vodka has inspired many to push the limits of creativity in producing and packaging the spirit. Trifter.com put together this fun collection of unusual vodkas that are found on the market. This list covers vodkas made with gold flakes and bottles of semi precious stones along with some unique packages for the drinker on the go.

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Share Your School’s Drink

It’s back to campus. Football, tailgating and cocktails (only for those students over 21, of course).

We invented the Badgertini to celebrate our beloved Wisconsin Badgers. UC Davis has the Wiki Wacky Woo, a delicious twist on a Long Island Iced Tea.

What is your School’s Signature Drink? Share your school spirit.

We will pick a few entries to be the Drink of the Week throughout the football season. It could be you …… Read more

This Week’s Drink – Napa Valley Breeze

As Summer ends elsewhere, it begins here in San Francisco and September trips to Napa are a tradition. This variation of the classic Sea Breeze, is made with vodka distilled from grapes. The Napa Valley Breeze is a cool alternative to Napa’s other favorite libation.


1 ½ oz grape vodka
Equal parts grapefruit and cranberry juices
Splash triple sec


Mix Ingredients and shake. Serve on rocks!

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How to Make Simple Syrup

This is an often asked question with a simple answer.

Here’s what to do


1 Cup Sugar
1 ½ Cups Water

In a heavy pan on low heat, stir to with wooden spoon until all the sugar is dissolved. Run the spoon around the edge of the pan to keep the sugar from crystallizing. Next, bring the mixture to a boil for 3–5 minutes, scoop of any accumulated scum and remove from the heat. … Read more

Union Street Bar Crawl

Saturday marked the 5th Anniversary of Crawl SF’s Union Street Bar Crawl. The event started at the BarNone, ground zero for drinking on Union Street and San Francisco’s only post campus, campus bar. Not only is BarNone the #1 seller of Jägermeister, it is also famous for it beer pong tables. The Subterranean bar, formerly known as the Union Street Ale House, also features darts, pool and many, many beers on tap to help you … Read more

Organic Cocktail Square Off

Here’s a fun contest from chow.com and Square One Vodka comes a great opportunity to bring out the inner cocktailian in all of us, the Organic Cocktail Square Off. There are two categories, professional and amateur, so if you are home bartender like me, you’ll be among company.

Contestants are to make a pitcher cocktail made with Square One Organic Vodka and 75% organic ingredients. From there the sky’s the limit, so hot up the … Read more

This Week’s Drink – Lijit Cocktail

This week’s drink goes out to Lijit, the Colorado (go, Buffs!) company that supplies site search for all of you loyal Drink of the Week readers.

We created this drink specially for the hard working folks at Lijit, who when not helping you to find great cocktails on Drink of the Week, enjoy tequila and Midori.

They also had an arbitrary iPhone giveaway and and picked yours truly as a winner, for giving them inspiration … Read more

Winetasting 102: Taste, Quality & Price

The second in Copia’s popular winetasting basics series comes to free to you from WebEx this Wednesday, August 29. This sequel to winetasting 101 explores the many variables that determine taste, quality and even the price of wines. Join us and Copia’s Peter Marks for this fun and educational seminar.

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The Facebooker’s Guide to Palo Alto Nightlife

Valley Wag displaying their usual obsession with Facebook, put together this nice round up bars with in stumbling distance of Facebook headquarters in my hometown of Palo Alto, CA.

Starting at the top of University Avenue, Rudy’s is the first stop. Rudy’s has been around for years, or at least as long as I can remember and remains one of the homier (and divier) bars in Palo Alto.

Next comes NOLA on Ramona, a New … Read more