This Week’s Drink – Lijit Cocktail

big_logo.pngThis week’s drink goes out to Lijit, the Colorado (go, Buffs!) company that supplies site search for all of you loyal Drink of the Week readers.

lijit2.jpgWe created this drink specially for the hard working folks at Lijit, who when not helping you to find great cocktails on Drink of the Week, enjoy tequila and Midori.

They also had an arbitrary iPhone giveaway and and picked yours truly as a winner, for giving them inspiration every Friday afternoon. So look out for lots more posts from my new iPhone just like this one! It takes some great photos, too.

lijit_cocktail.jpgTo celebrate we gathered up some ingredients from the bar (see iphone photo) and crated the Lijit Cocktail. We used our new toy to put together much of this post, what a huge step up from the SideKick II I was rocking.

I actually used the browser to post most of this!! Pretty Cool.

Thanks to Tara and the whole crew at Lijit!

Here’s the recipe:


1 ½ oz Silver Tequila
½ oz Midori
¼ oz SOHO Lychee liqueur
½ oz pineapple juice
Splash lime juice


Combine ingredients in a shaker or mixing glass filled with ice. Stir and strain into a chilled cocktail glass and serve.
Garnish with lime wheel.

Thanks Again, Lijit!

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