Hiram Walker Whipped Cream Review

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We are lucky at DOTW to try the newest, hippest and edgy spirits and liqueurs.  Often, I am not quite sure what to expect.  Occasionally I am blown away – sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a bad way.  Other times, I am pleasantly surprised.  I will admit that when the bottle of Hiram Walker Whipped, I wasn’t quite sure what to think.  However, I am happy to report that this was one of those times that I was pleasantly surprised.  Hiram Walker Whipped was incredibly pleasant and adds a nice flair to cocktails.  There is also something warm and toasty about the Whipped that almost makes me look forward to Fall.  Here are our tasting notes:

Appearance:  clear, water white in color with viscous legs

Aroma:  clean, sweet tones of an array of lactic notes – cream, sweet butter, yogurt – with vanilla

Palate:  sweet, well integrated alcohol with heavy mouth feel, notes of cream, sweet butter, yogurt, vanilla and a hint of coconut with a medium length of sweet cream finish

Rating:  Good.  Well balanced liqueur – preserves a touch of sweetness without being sickly sweet.  Lovely lactic notes with vanilla and an almost coconut quality.  Great addition to winter cocktails.  Try with pumpkin liqueur to create a liquid pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.

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