Free iPhone Apps for Surving Holiday Cocktail Parties

iphone appsThere are thousands of apps for your iPhone, so it is no surprise that you can navigate the holidays with your iPhone as well. For this mission, I chose to focus solely on apps that can be had at my favorite price point, free. In exchange for viewing a few ads, these apps will leave more money in your pocket to spend on gifts and tips for your bartender.

After checking out many different apps I categorized them into these groups:

  • Getting the Party Started
  • Party Food & Drinks
  • At the Party
  • The Aftermath

Check out my whole post over at Life Scoop a site about how real people make surprising things happen with technology. The site has an amazing line up of contributors, in addition to yours truly, including Heather Armstrong from Dooce, Jean Aw from NotCot and Asha Dornfest from Parent Hacks. The site is chock full of great tips and information for using technology to make everyday living just a bit better.

Free iPhone Apps for Surving Holiday Cocktail