The Kraken Rum Review

The Kraken RumBooze that tastes good, looks good, and comes at a reasonable price? Now, there’s a holiday gift! The Kraken Rum is a black spice Caribbean rum with a solid kick and a strong molasses, cinnamon, and vanilla flavor. It’s 94 proof, so it packs quite a punch served straight.

A kraken is a giant squid, so the fun concept is that it’s a strong liquor as dark as squid ink. The packaging is beautiful, making it a great gift on two fronts. (Also, the finger holes at the top are surprisingly satisfying to hold on to)

It runs about $20 a bottle, but the graphics alone make it look like it’s worth much more. Know anyone who loves a nice spiced rum, can handle their liquor and cares about aesthetics? This is the gift for them!

The Kraken Rum

(Thanks to our friends at NOTCOT for introducing us to this fun rum! You can check out some more pics of the packaging there.)

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