Three Olives Vodka – Bubble Gum Review

Three Olives Vodka BubbleSomehow Three Olives has made a flavored vodka that tastes like bubblegum. This isn’t one of those flavored vodkas that sort of reminds you of the flavor in question or maybe smells a little like it. This vodka straight up tastes like gum.

It smells exactly like bubblegum — think Hubba Bubba or Bubblicious. It tastes like sugar-free bubblegum. Not until it gets to about the Adam’s Apple does the candy flavor stop and the warm vodka feeling kick in.

I found myself wanting to chew. Seriously, there must be a gum-chewing center of the brain and this vodka triggers it.

Would I recommend it? If the idea of drinking alcohol that tastes exactly like bubblegum sounds delicious to you, then I absolutely would recommend it. You won’t be disappointed. It delivers. If the thought makes you cringe, then skip it. (If your childhood dental hygenist used bubblegum flavored polish during your cleanings, this could trigger some dentist memories for you.)

Three Olives Bubble seems destined for the shot glass. As with real gum, it’s hard to imagine pairing this with other flavors. Three Olives suggests mixing with lemon-lime soda or an energy drink or ginger ale with cranberry.

If you try this one, let us know what you think!

Three Olives Vodka

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