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Everyman Afterall

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A more culinary variation of a Harry MacElhone classic “Afterall” created by Marshall Altier. This one has great fresh summer flavors and the cardamom is a nice reference to Trini food culture.

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Nectarine of the Gods

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The combination of fresh mint and ripe nectarines makes this a refreshing drink for the Spring/Summer seasons.… Read more

Everyman Afterall

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This is a more culinary variation of a Harry MacElhone classic “Afterall”. This one has great fresh summer flavors and the cardamom is a nice reference to Trini food culture.… Read more

Brass Monkey

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We were going to do a Cinco de Mayo Drink, but felt this would be more appropriate today.  There are a number of drinks named the Brass Monkey.  We think the Beastie Boys would have been drinking this  recipe, equal parts mart liquor and orange juice. Not for the faint of heart.

We like the variation below too.



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Peach Toast

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A great shooter recipe for St. Patrick’s Day.

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Tropical Itch

post iconThis week’s drink of the week was invented at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in 1957 by it’s famed bartender, Harry Yee. Mr. Yee was also responsible for another tropical favorite, the Blue Hawaii. While Mr. Yee may have invented the Tropical Itch, and they are mighty fine over at the Hilton Hawaiian Village (this isn’t our first visit), they have perfected down the beach at the Halekulani. Sensing the onslaught of the cocktail craze, the Halekulani brought in the incomparable Dale DeGroff to perfect the Hawaiian classics and invent cocktails that will soon join the list of Hawaiian classics. …Read More

The Double-Rock Zombie

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Saint Valentine

post iconThis sophisticated Valentine’s Day cocktail was created by the Professor, David Wondrich. …Read More

Hot Buttered Brugal

post iconTry out this delicious recipe for National Hot Buttered Rum Day! Cheers! …Read More

Connie’s Hot Buttered Rum

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One of my favorite Christmas traditions is the serving of my Mom’s Hot Buttered Rum. It’s sooo good! And, yes, my Mom is Connie.

This cocktail is a crowd pleaser and so easy to make! And, its great for adults and kiddies (just omit the Rum or Brandy for them and serve a mocktail). This drink is so great, we recommend that you drink it all winter to help keep you warm. Since, this is … Read more

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