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Manly Summer Cocktails

Get your summer on with this fun top 10 from askmen.com. 

Make your man a cool Tom Collins or a kicking Moscow Mule and enjoy the summer!

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Dos Lunas Tequila Review

Two bottles of Dos Lunas (one silver one reposado) recently arrived in Sausalito for review. We gathered the troops (not really hard when there is tequila and beer on a Wednesday) and tasted, mixed a few margaritas and had a limbo breakout (yes, it is good tequila!).

Dos Lunas is 100% blue agave, double distilled and uniquely cold filtered. It also comes in a way cool bottle, the whole gang commented on them.

Here’s what … Read more

This Week’s Drink – American Beauty

This week is America’s 231st Birthday, so what else but an American Beauty? This cocktail can be had on the rock, up or as a shot. Cheers to the USA!


1 oz brandy
1 oz dry vermouth
¼ oz ruby port
¼ oz grenadine
1 oz orange juice


Mix everything in a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass, an ice-filled highball glass or into a shot glass (pictured here) … Read more

Beer Bong 2.0: BongXedo

BongXedo takes the old plastic funnel and tube you picked up at the local science supply shop and updates it for the 21st Century. Wearable, the BarXedo is almost like a beer bong vest. Liquor Snob calls it very “Tron” like, and who didn’t like Tron? It sports dual funnels, a de-foamer (fancy!), and delivers beer rapidly in a portable package that draws some looks. All for about $40 bucks.

Liquor Snob [via Gizmodo]… Read more

Red, White and Booze

More Independence Day drinks from the DIY Maven. These five drinks capture the day with Patriotic name (Yankee Doodle, Stars & Stripes Forever) and most are made with UV’s blue raspberry or cherry vodkas. The bright red and blue colors of these vodkas are perfect for your Fourth of July party.

Here’s a taste:

Patriotic Punch

1 part UV Red cherry-flavored vodka
3 parts lemonade


Combine and serve in a rocks glass over … Read more

All-American Cocktails

Time to take a midsummer pause to celebrate Independence Day. It may mark our struggle against tyranny and taxes, but for the majority of us it means fireworks, parades and food! This means drinks for all that celebrating and washing down those eats. We’ve assembled a fun collection of cocktails with an American theme.

Here’s a few to get you started:

    All American
    American Sweetheart
    Red White & Blue

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Win a Weekend in Iceland

Reyka Vodka and Iceland Air are teaming up to send a lucky reader and 9 friends to Iceland for the weekend in October. Being one of the premier nightlife scenes, a weekend in Reykjaví­k is a must — and for free, WOW!

The weekend features the Iceland Airwaves Festival, a rockin’ good time with truly awesome bands. If you love Bjork, this is your heaven. You and your friends will also spend some time at … Read more

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This Week’s Drink – The Last “F” You

Johnny send us this angry, angry cocktail. It certainly has its time and place. I am not sure where, but I have visions of frat boys hazing pledges and fun stuff like that. Certainly not for the faint of heart. This is stuff that great dares are made of.

Here’s the story behind it, this all happened at Fitch’s Tavern:

“So my buddy built a bar in his basement and kept it FULLY stocked. I… Read more

World’s Fastest Margarita Maker

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Seen at a recent family wedding. Whereabouts unknown. Uncle Don (not sure who’s side of the family) whipped this together to keep the crowd well quenched. That’s my kind of wedding!

Richard writes, “When you’ve got a small-block 400, a trailer, assorted parts and the ability to custom fabricate a 6-inch tall replica of a blender blade out of stainless steel, what do you do with your spare time? Make the world’s fastest margarita machine.”… Read more

The Baddest Bottle Openers

More lists. Here’s a collection of the most unusual bottle openers ever created from the folks at Double Viking (no idea why they are called Double Viking?). My favorite has to be the belt buckle “gitty gitty go” opener. The one picture here attaches to your fridge with a super strong magnet, so it stays put when you pop the top.

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