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The Facebooker’s Guide to Palo Alto Nightlife

Valley Wag displaying their usual obsession with Facebook, put together this nice round up bars with in stumbling distance of Facebook headquarters in my hometown of Palo Alto, CA.

Starting at the top of University Avenue, Rudy’s is the first stop. Rudy’s has been around for years, or at least as long as I can remember and remains one of the homier (and divier) bars in Palo Alto.

Next comes NOLA on Ramona, a New … Read more

An Orchard in a Bottle

The New York Time’s Eric Asimov writes on his blog, “The Pour,” this in-depth review of Clear Creek distillery’s Pear Eau de Vie. Oregon’s Clear Creek takes ripe Bartlett Pears to make this clear fruit brandy.

It is bottled fresh, not aged, and comes in at a pleasing 80 proof. Clear Creek doesn’t add any sweetener to the mix, so the skill is in the process of brining out the natural sweetness of the pears. … Read more

How to Make Skittles Vodka – Video

From Digg comes this great cocktail hack using a bottle of vodka and large bag of Skittles. Yes, the Skittles we all know and love. Yum. wWat a great way to dress up a bottle of vodka for party or just making some tasty after work cocktails.

“This is one of the greatest kept secrets: This is a step by step instructable on how to make skittle vodka. The effects are DELICIOUS. Its a summertime Read more

Should Liquor Have Nutrition Labels?

This has become quite an issue, but I don’t see it. Mostly I see it as a benefit for those who seek the nutritional information for the liquor they drink. We get many questions here about the calories, carbs and make up of all sorts of spirits, so why not list this info on the label? Make consumers who care happy, the one who don’t care won’t even notice the change.

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Bar Tools – Muddler

Muddlers are an essential tool for every bartender and very simple one. The standard muddler is 7–8 inches long, made of wood or metal and have a wide, rounded end for mashing up stuff like mint leaves, limes or herbs.

The most popular cocktails that require a muddler are the mojito (for mashing the mint) and the caipirinha (mashing up the lime).

Buy muddlers at Amazon and support Drink of the Week! (Shameless plug but … Read more

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This Week’s Drink – Goose My Ass

It was bound to happen, a cocktail made with the new super concentrated energy drink 5-Hour Energy. Reader BB sends us this mixture of premium Grey Goose Vodka and high-octane 5-Hour Energy. Grab one and hold on!


2 oz Grey Goose
1 oz 5-hour Energy Drink


Add to Grey Goose and 5-hour Energy to cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake until well and strain into a shot glass.

Thanks, BB!… Read more

10 Chick Flicks and Their Matching Cocktails

From the Thinking Mom comes this enormously creative and fun list that can keep you in videos and cocktails for some time to come. Enjoy classics like Steel Magnolias with “The Magnolia” or Flashdance with “The Dreamcatcher” and, my favorite (from YumSugar), The Devil Wears Prada with the “Devil Pears Prada.” What a great excuse to grab some girlfriends and have a party?

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Hangover Helper: The Combo Cure

This comes from Lon, a reader who uses this regimen to heal the hurt.

“Here is a true hangover combo cure.

This cure is drunk and eaten in several morning stages as follows:

If you awake during the night, or when you awake in the morning drink bottled water and sparkling water. Take bites and chew on a sugar-free popsicle (grape-flavored is my favorite).

Drink 3-parts cranberry juice/1-part orange juice (not from concentrate) on ice.… Read more

What’s in a Name: Whisky or Whiskey?

Boozin Gear’s Boozin’ Blog explores this question that puzzles many, Whiskey or Whisky? What’s the deal, why haggle over an ‘e’? Both words have the same basic meaning “water of life.” The distinction is in geography and composition; ‘whisky’ refers to the Scotch version and ‘whiskey’ the Irish version. Apparently, this distinction got even more complicated once both Scotch and Irish Distillers came to North America.

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Spicy Olives

This appetizer is a quick, easy and tasty way to spice up your cocktail party. These olives make a nice nibbler and a wonderful accompaniment to a vodka or gin martini. Instead of adding olives to the drink, serve these alongside.


2 cups green or black pitted olives (not canned ones, get the fancy imported olives. We like Kalamatas.)
Chili powder to taste (1 – 3 tsp. depending on desired heat)


Drain olives … Read more