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Wine on a Budget – Volume II

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Beverages and More runs a five cent wine sale where it sells the consumer a second bottle of wine for five cents when buying the first bottle at full price. For a full disclaimer, I have never shopped this sale but I have friends who swear by it and they buy cases and cases of wine. In looking at some of the wine they have offered in the past, it appears that consumers can purchase … Read more

Mark West Pinot Noir 2008 Review – Wine Wednesday

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Wine Wednesday: Wine on a budget is possible … Mark West Pinot Noir

Wine on a Budget – Volume One

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Tips for buying great wine on a budget

SKYY Infusions Blood Orange Review

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Blood orange is one of the newest flavors from Skyy Infusions. I was excited because blood orange is one of my favorites! Next time you make a mimosa, try substituting blood orange juice for the orange juice or if you want to kick it up a notch, use Skyy Infusions Blood Orange. 

Skyy Infusions Blood Orange has an aroma of candied orange, like a cross between blood orange juice and Tang, that completely obscures any … Read more

Carpano Antica, Punt e Mes and Fernet Branca – Westerfeld House – San Francisco

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A Victorian evening … with Carpano Antica, Punt e Mes and Fernet Branca

Corzo Silver Tequila Review

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The Corzo Tequila (Tequila Silver) arrived in a fantastically attractive bottle—minimalism at its best. Carzo hired a famous French designer that modeled the bottle after modern Mexican buildings. The end result is a unique bottle, a tall, rectangular bottle with a square angular spout that would look great in any bar.

Essentail Glassware – Old Fashioned

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If you love cocktails, then the old-fashioned glass is an essential ingredient in your barware collection. The glass was used to serve the original cocktail now know as the old fashioned. The drinks became so popular that the glass used to serve them quickly became known as the old-fashioned glass. The old-fashioned glass reminds me of the elegance of the 1930s. In so many old movies, you see people swilling cocktails in this distinctive glass.… Read more

Essential Glassware – Red Wine

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A red-wine glass is an essential ingredient for your home bar. Not only is a red wine glass essential for the consumption of vino, it’s also one of the go-to glasses to serve the current en vogue pre-Prohibition era cocktails, as well as sangria and fruit based cocktails.

While red wine glasses come in a number of styles, they start around nine ounces, average 12 to 14 ounces and go much larger. Red-wine glasses have … Read more

Essential Glassware – Margarita Glass

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No glass screams party like the margarita glass, a sure essential in your barware collection. Who doesn’t remember their first blended margarita (admittedly for most of us, this was the non-alcoholic version) or throwing back a few in Mexico? I know I am in for a good time when I go to a party and I see the margarita glasses lined up.

The margarita glass is usually a tall glass, but its distinctive characteristic is … Read more

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